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The new series is on raw linen. This one is four feet x five feet, titled "Look Up" and it already has a home in Pennsylvania!

"Aileen's Window," shown here on display at William King Museum in the "From These Hills" Biannual, guest juried by Ray Kass. Photo by Jeffrey Stoner 2009.


 “Aileen’s Window”
© Val Lyle 2009

 Original is 7.5 feet by 5 feet on 140 lb watercolor paper.

From inside the loft of the Eggers Barn in

Mountain City, TN at sunset, you would swear you were looking at the biggest stained glass window anywhere. Aileen played here as a child, and carried God’s unconditional love with her everywhere she went.


“Blountville Barn in Yellow and Blue”

© Val Lyle 2009


Original water media painting is 6.5 feet x  5 feet on 140 lb paper.

In this painting I have pushed contemporary depth and negative space. Viewers standing on front of the big painting tell me it is positively three dimensional.





© Val Lyle 2009


Original chalk pastel is 22” x  30”.

The big barn on my grandparent’s farm was built in the 1880’s.

One side where we tied tobacco faced west, towards the sunset.

In the fall the interior positively glows.

Current drawings and paintings
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Many of these paintings and drawings were done from life on site.
All works are created with very fine archival pigments on archival surfaces.
Click on an Image above to enlarge it.
Sizes range from 22" x 30" to 7' x 5.5'. Most works pictured are available. Applicable tax and shipping.
All works are copyright Val Lyle 2008-2009.
Any reproduction, electronic or otherwise, by written permission of the artist only.


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